Who Makes Root Cellar Run: Steve Wenzel June 12, 2018

Root Cellar Foods is a strong team of passionate individuals. Wondering who the rockstars are behind those beautifully processed veggies? Welcome to the first edition of our new blog series: Who Makes Root Cellar Run.

Meet Root Cellar’s self proclaimed ” go-to guy” Steve Wenzel. Steve started working at Root Cellar two and a half years ago. What gets Steve out of bed in the morning, you ask? “The dawn, the hope that the coming day will bring opportunities to make my life better, and if I’m really lucky make life better for someone or something.”

Steve’s love of food stems from his grandma who used to make dumplings fried in bacon grease when he was a boy. He believes it tasted so good not only because of the bacon grease but because it was smothered in love too! Steve has checked off his bucket list item if giving an elephant a bath, and next up is a trip to Antarctica. Thanks for all that you do Steve!


Erin McCarthy

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