Terra Greens May 3, 2018

Dan Moore, owner of Terra Greens located in Manhattan, MT is thrilled to begin his third season of farming. Moore runs the operation mostly solo, with some help from his family. Moore has long had an interest in growing food and started his own garden as an eight year old. In his adult life, Moore made his living maintaining golf courses, which he insists are “just a big fancy garden.” Moore made his mark by developing gardens to service the golf club’s restaurants. After twenty-eight years of building gardens for others, he decided to buy a piece of land and try out farming for himself.

Moore grows a variety of crops including onions, pumpkins, varieties of squash and peppers, spinach, zucchini, asparagus, and several herbs. Moore’s favorite crop that he grows is popcorn. Yes it is a crop! When he isn’t farming, Moore spends time outside with his family skiing, mountain biking, hiking, playing tennis, and exploring Montana.

As we know, recommendations go a long way in a “small” place such as Montana. Moore chose to work with Root Cellar Foods because of a recommendation from Gallatin Grown. Moore looks to expand his production area and increase efficiency this season. We are excited to watch Terra Greens grow in more ways than one!


Erin McCarthy


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