Strike Farms July 22, 2014

Strike Farms, formed by Dylan Strike, was created in order to have a meaningful lifestyle that revolves around growing food, creating art, and building community. We are currently leasing five acres of land from Tom and May Heriza who, along with their four daughters, have to be the most generous and kind people in the Gallatin Valley. Their decision to work with us in our start up years has helped us overcome the impossibility of purchasing overpriced land. Not only does leasing land allow us to grow our business without taking on unreasonable debt, but also we are right next to town! Our close proximity to Bozeman (less than 4 miles from downtown) allows us to easily market our produce to our community.

We grow well over 100 different varieties of vegetables each season that can be found through our CSA programs, at two summer and one winter farmer’s markets, at Market Day Foods, and at the Community Food Co-op.

We never use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, and also avoid the use of broad-spectrum organic pesticides that are allowed in certified organic production. In order to maintain fertility and manage pests and disease we rotate our crops, utilize cover crops, graze animals, incorporate compost, plant beneficial insect attracting plants, and use other agroeocological principles. Our practices meet and even exceed certified organic standards, but because our consumers can contact us directly and come see the farm anytime they want we have chosen for the time being to not pay for certification.

Christina Angell


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