Amaltheia Dairy July 22, 2014

In 2005, Amaltheia received its organic status through Montana Department of Agriculture and the USDA. Amaltheia had always used organic practices, so converting to organic status was an easy transition.

Also in 2005, Amaltheia started selling composted organic manure to local CSA’s, gardeners, garden shops, etc. by the pickup load and bagged. This was the first step in the zero emissions concept. Now, the manure is composted to organic standards, turned three times in fifteen days while maintaining a temperature of 140 degrees. Nate Brown at Amaltheia is working with Montana State University on grants and projects ensuring the quality of the product.

In 2008, Amaltheia was awarded an Ecostar Award for its endeavors to become a totally sustainable farm. Amaltheia was also working with professionals developing a wind power project to assist in generating power.

Christina Angell


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